Superb silk floral Spitalfields shawl. English ca.1815

Superb silk floral Spitalfields shawl. English ca.1815

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This is one of the best Spitalfields shawls we have ever had. It is superb.

It is of dark blue silk with very decorative floral ends and a red and yellow strripe down each side.

The floral design is intricate with various flowers and a meander of either hops or berries. It is hard to tell. The lower band has rows of trees and bushes which almost look as if they have been brushed with snow.

The colours are silver grey, red, olive green,  and pale yellow. All woven into an intricate and interesting design.

These shawls are widely collected and are becoming very rare in good condition. This example is very good, with just one faint small mark, and a couple of small antique repairs, most likely done in it's early life when in use.

Interestingly the blue varies according to light. It can be seen by the photos that outside it looks almost slate blue, but indoors a true blue. The floral colours are the same. The silver grey must have shimmered in the candlelight, and the other colours would have glowed fresh and bright.

Measurements: Length 100". Width 25". A large shawl which drapes beautifully.