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A rare and beautiful fine long stole English or French ca.1795 - 1800


Code: SKU 1931

This is a very rare and interesting long stole from France or England dating to 1795 - 1800

It is of the finest silk guaze in a pretty shade of pale cream with the  slightest tendancy towards a pink hue - depending on the light.

The stole is all hand worked. The dots all over are also hand embroidered, and each one has a minimal difference in size. This is very slight but indicates hand working. Hand embroidering the dots instead of machine embroidery, indicates an early date.

There are bands of lustrous silk to each end and down the sides and there is a knotted silk fringe each end.

It is very rare to find such an early stole in such good condition- One wonders how it survived.

Attached is also a fashion print from the late 18th century showing an almost identical stole.

The condition is excellent for the age with just minimal flaws which do not detract or show.

Measurements: Length 104" (without fringe) width 21" Fringe 3"